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Here I want to share short cut of my days. This could be also helpful for all people close to you that have difficulties to understand what you are going through. Because our world is so hard to explain that sometimes concrete examples are easier to understand. Also for us sometimes it is neccessary to write down our experience and show ourselves quiet plainly what we pass through in our days.

I woke up today with tired eyes. Felt a weight on my stomach already yesterday evening which didn´t allow me to breath easily. But I woke up just ones this night. My back still hurts and I have difficulties to bend down. But it is already a little bit better since I started to work with the black role. I feel tired but the sun is shining outside. So a reason to smile. Sometimes I have these days when I feel a bit guilty knowing that I shouldn´t. But thoughts are coming up regarding all the people arround me and their limitations because of mine ones. All what I don´t know about the developing of my day they either don´t know.


Sometimes the day starts with the biggest smile and in the next moment we carry thoughts like those ones with us. But I try to embrace them when they rise and remind myself that I don´t have to feel guilty. I try to be friendly and kind with myself. That helps me to get quiet and accept myself for what and where I am.  I am very tired today and I feel that my body needs to relax to add power to my mind.

Montag 07.08.2017                                                                                                                                         
Dienstag 08.08.2017                                                                                                                                       

This night was not a good one. My pancreas made me troubles. Lots of pain in the upper abdomen.But I know that I was overdoing in the last days. Eating outside 2 times, less sleep, wrong Food, too much histamine .. So I know what to do and start my way back into  discipline to get back my spontaneity.

My head feels heavy and I have a blurred view. I have passed therest of the day a s quiet as possible. I wanted to ride my bike, but my Body felt so tired. I have changed idea and spent some time Close to the river enjoying positive thoughts.

Mittwoch 09.08.17                                                                                                                                          

The night was a bit better. Had some light pain in the early morning. But that´s ok. Still tired and feel exhausted. But general I feel better. Doing the black role every day now really helps to feel better regarding my back :) Happy for ! I sleep too less. This is why my Body is so tired. So if I get it to go early to bed 3 days consecutively I "earn" power space again :)

During the day felt better again. Made a Little walk in my break to enjoy the sun. Helped me to relax.

Donnerstag 10.08.17                                                                                                                                     

Went to bed earlier an slept 6 1/2 hours withour interruption :) I am very happy about and just when I miss my realxing-Phase in the night, I realize how hard it is to get good through my days. So make sure, that you can sleep and relax as much and good as possible during your night. Keep that very safe for you and try not to allow anything to take this away. It is essential to get a better Life Quality.

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