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Your thoughts of today mastermind your achievements of tomorrow

I want to add some more thoughts to those lines I have posted this morning on Instagram. I found them in a book I have open and they captured immediately my attention. Because I am a strong believer in that if we want to look forward to a good future, the best thing we can do is to create a good Life in the present.

The present is the determining factor for how we will pass tomorrow. This is not valid just for people fighting against an illness, but for everybody who wants to live the best Life we can imagine.

I have learned a lot about this way of living by riding my bike. Because if you want to feel safe, have fun, enjoy the trip, getting into "flow" you have to be prepared for the next turn, the next root. You have to concentrate and adapt your speed on the underground you are riding on. Sometimes it is dry and you can get faster. Sometimes it is wet and you have to take care not to slip.

And how you ride, if you adapt your speed and power to your conditions, if you have put on the right dress, if you were breathing good, if you didn't forget to recharge your energy with nurturing your body, if you were concentrated and determined, if every time you go into your "trip" with a bit more courage....will mastermind how the next day will be. We just can overstrain ourselves if we don't pay attention of our needs on the day we live right in this moment.

The better we look after ourselves today, the better we listen to our needs, the better thoughts we bring out today, the better tomorrow will be :)

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