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The first step towards the best "mission" I could start in my Life

It is a very special day for me! My Website is online and this is the first step to give "sense" to my illness.

The possibility to help others and to get stronger. To put even more effort in all my research to find solutions.

Because now it is not anymore just "about me" - Now it is about "us". And I want to build an "army" of helpers.

This picture I made this morning before to go to work. I felt a bit poorly the days before. Pain and heavy

breathing. But this morning I woke up knowing that every step I'll do from this day on...I won't do just for me

but for many of us to find a better Life. I was looking at the sky thinking on everybody outside that suffers

without being "noticed" yet. You are not alone. Now you can come with me walking through "the world" finding lost desperate souls...and safe them with hope !


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